About Chris Giarusso
Chris Giarusso Mini Marvels is an all-ages comic book written and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso and published by Marvel Comics. The comic has been published in the form of back-ups in other comic books as well as original one-shots and trade paperback collections. The comics are a humorous depiction of the Marvel heroes as children of various ages, sometimes parodying storylines from the mainstream Marvel universe.

The Mini Marvels were originally in a comic strip called "Bullpen Bits", published in Bullpen Bulletins. They now can be viewed in several Mini Marvels trade paperbacks.

Giarrusso created the all-ages Mini Marvels in 1999 for Marvel Comics, which star child-sized versions of notable Marvel characters. Mini Marvels eventually became a regular feature of Bullpen Bulletins pages seen in nearly every Marvel book. The first Mini Marvels digest, Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper Scissors, was released in July 2008, and after selling out, required a second printing.
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